our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) journey

We recognise the part we play as a tourism business. Believing in the positive force and impact of a responsible business to our future motivates us! A future which is sustainable and where we contribute not only to ourselves and our customers but also to the planet and society as a whole.

Our vision

To become the leading sustainable DMC in Europe by 2025

how will we achieve this?

After careful consideration of various frameworks and strategies, we identified a Triple Bottom Line Strategy of People, Planet, Profit as the most suitable for us. We are striving to find a responsible balance between the social, ecological and financial aspects of the actions we undertake.

Our Tour Partner Group Triple Bottom Line Strategy

  • We have taken the classical 3P – People, Planet, Profit – approach and tailored it to embed it as part of our Tour Partner Group (TPG) DNA.

How we plan to positively influence the local, national and international economy as we grow profitably. This includes creating employment, generating innovation, paying taxes and wealth creation.


The impact we will have on people - our most important stakeholders. These include our employees, our customers and suppliers as well as the communities we operate in.


Our plan to address the impact we have on our planet, reducing our carbon footprint, ultimately with a long term goal to reach net zero.

our action for 2023


  • We have been developing sustainable products and tours for each of our destinations and aim to work even closer with our suppliers to include the best authentic and sustainable products in our offering.


  • We aim to create an engaging place to work, which is underpinned by a comprehensive people strategy and engagement plan including training & development for all staff.


  • Our first step to Net Zero begins with fully offsetting our internal carbon footprint, for which we are directly responsible. Following on from the pioneering work of Experience Scotland, one of our Group companies, who planted over 100,000 trees to date, we are now collaborating Groupwide with Ecologi to plant a further 12 trees per employee per month. Our progress so far:

    We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi