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OUR heroes

Here at Tour Partner Group, we have the people to make things happen.

  • The people who know all the ins and the outs and the ways around.
  • People who can fine-tune a holiday into a unique and personal experience.
  • People who know where to find the very best.
  • People who want to share the love for where they live and what they do.

Nina Gehring

Sales & Operations Manager

She counts herself lucky to be able to call both Porta Westfalica and Hanover her home, having been born in one and raised in the other. When Nina isn’t busy building the perfect tours for her clients she relaxes by building Lego models – a hobby she developed before moving to Denmark! Apart from Lego, what Nina loves most about Scandinavia is its far reaching appeal.


Jasmin Winter

Senior Account Development Manager

Hailing from North Germany, Jasmin has always been drawn to the UK, thanks to its vibrant metropolises, pretty coastal towns, hiking trails and royal heritage. Her knack for solving Sudoku puzzles, comes in handy when needing to put together the perfect tour for her clients. In her down-time, Jasmin can be found re-reading Harry Potter and practicing her Patronus. Mischief managed!


Colm Power

Sales, Operations & Sustainability Officer

Born in Göttingen and raised in Thuringia, Colm has since embraced the vastness and tranquility of Scandinavia. When he isn’t cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Colm is busy juggling his roles as Senior Sales & Operations Consultant and Sustainability Officer. Inspired by the region’s appetite for innovation and willingness to change, Colm is on a mission to make travel greener.



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