With less people to accommodate,
there is more flexibility.

Grab a pint in that cosy pub
Get a closer look at that landmark
Spend longer time in that museum
Or skip it altogether.

You will be accompanied by a local expert.

Someone who knows the destination back to front. Someone who is passionate about the culture, who understands the locals and their customs. Someone who loves the food and wants you to love it too.

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What to Expect?

A more flexible, immersive and intimate way to travel is here.

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  • Tailor-made for a maximum of 15 guests per tour
  • Expert storytelling by hand-picked tour managers
  • Travel on small luxury coaches
  • Bespoke "meet the locals” experience
  • Stay in boutiques, castles
    or 4 star hotels
  • Enjoy gourmet meals and sample local flavours

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A perfect tour

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