England is a melting pot of culture and tradition.

It’s the rush of city life.


It’s the calm of green meadows.


And it’s yours to explore.


England –

Find history at every turn

The thrilling kind. The kind that makes you gasp in amazement and keeps you coming back for more.

Find it in the Tower of London’s hallowed halls, in York’s timber-framed houses or in Kent’s moated castle. England’s rich history is infused within the very structures that make this country what it is.   

And then there’s the beauty.

From the rugged coastlines on the Isle of Wight and the idyllic seaside towns of Cornwall, it’s something you can’t get enough of. The England of old.

From fish and chips to tea and scones. England will leave you hungry for more.  

Navigate the landscapes that captivated Shakespeare. Traverse the countryside that stirred Blake. In England, nature inspires.

Excitement is just round the corner. It’s the buzz of London. The thrill of Liverpool. The legacy of Durham. Dive into the heart of English culture and experience it’s electric cities.

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Practical Information

This information can be useful when traveling to this beautiful country


Generally, England experiences mild winters (5.5 °C average January) and temperate summers (18°C July), although this can vary greatly from North to South! England is rather on the rainy side, so don’t forget your umbrella!

Public Transport

England’s cities are all easily accessible by bus or rail!


Cafes and hotels with wireless Internet can be found throughout England’s major towns and cities.


The Pound Sterling is the official currency of the United Kingdom, which is divided into 100 pence. Euros are not accepted.


Even outside England’s capital, there are plenty of opportunities for an unforgettable shopping experience! Bicester Village, located in pretty Oxfordshire countryside offers big discounts on big brands.

Medical Information

If you become ill while visiting England, you are eligible for free emergency treatment in the Accident and Emergency departments found at NHS hospitals across the country.


Did you Know?

This information can be useful when traveling to England

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  • The humble pub has been central to England’s communities for hundreds of years. There are approximately 60,000 pubs in the UK, with many dating back centuries.
  • It’s no secret that the English love their tea. It’s estimated that a colossal 165 million cups are consumed daily!
  • Football is the national sport of England, with the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal all competing in the top division: The Premier League. It’s Liverpool who take the top spot as the most successful team though, with 6 Champions League titles to their name!
  • England is home to some of the world’s most spectacular universities, most notably Oxford and Cambridge. Both universities have been around for hundreds of years and are open to members of the public.
  • After Julius Caesar invaded in 55 and 54 BC, the Romans occupied England for almost 400 years! Evidence of their rule can still be seen today, such as at the Vindolanda ruins or the Roman Baths.
  • There have been 61 monarchs spread over a period of approximately 1200 years! The current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is the longest reigning monarch ever in Britain.
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