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Mercedes  Justo Iglesias
Meet Mercedes

Mercedes may have been born & raised in London, but in her heart she’s Spanish, thanks to her Spanish parentage and love for the food & culture. Mercedes loves what she does. She relishes being part of the process of making someone else’s, holiday dreams come true and never tires of the thrill she feels when a tour she has created is booked. Just like our client’s customers Mercedes loves to travel and discover hidden gems.

Sandra  Kristensen
Meet Sandra

As Senior Operations Manager, Sandra loves the fact that her role requires precision, but that there is also room for creativity and improvisation to find the right solution. As a plant and gardening enthusiast, Sandra takes great pleasure in looking after her windowsill garden. When she is rewarded for her efforts with fresh tomatoes and herbs, she makes them the hero ingredients of her homemade soups and salads.

Fei Ren
Meet Fei

As you may have guessed from the suitcase, Fei loves to travel and explore new cultures. It is her own wanderlust and passion that makes her so good at organising holidays for others. If for her next holiday she could cross over to a fictional realm, Fei would love to explore snowy Narnia and share a cuppa with Mr. Tumnus. When Fei isn’t holiday planning for herself or clients, she can be found belting out Let It Go in a Karaoke booth.

Peishan  Wu
Meet Peishan

For Peishan nothing is more satisfying than being able to tick a task off her list, which is why she always has a notepad and pen to hand. Peishan’s favourite thing about living in Copenhagen and getting to know the Nordic region is ‘Hygge’, a feeling of contentedness which is the Scandi way of life in a nutshell. When Peishan has something to celebrate you’ll find her belting out ‘Best wishes for you’ a Chinese song that has long been a favourite of hers.

Sue  Greenway
Meet Sue

Building relationships, whether with suppliers or colleagues is Sue’s forte. Especially if those relationships can be forged over a Lamb Kleftiko, Sue’s all-time favourite Greek dish. Speaking of all things Greek, Sue’s happy place is the Greek Island Zante. When she isn’t seeking out top places to stay in the UK & Ireland for our clients, you can be sure to find her there!

Ranjan  Bachheti
Meet Ranjan

Born in the Himalayas, Ranjan is no stranger to a mountain range. It is the promise of adventure, varied nature and interesting people that have drawn Ranjan to our destinations. As you may have gathered from the football and badminton racket, Ranjan is a big sports fan, and loves both spectating and playing in a match. While Ranjan appreciates the early morning before the hustle and bustle begins, he is also a keen astronomer, so feels pretty at home when looking at the stars.

Phil  Taylor
Meet Phil

It has been said that ‘Cliches became cliches for a reason’. A statement that proves true for Phil who loves his role for the variety and the fact that two days are never the same. Away from his 9 to 5, Phil can be found honing his skills on the dance floor during his regular Ballroom Dancing lessons. It is in the morning however when Phil feels most optimistic – the promise of a new day and what it might bring never fails to excite him.

Nicole  Galkin
Meet Nicole

Just like Nicole’s matryoshka doll which holds unexpected treasures within, Nicole embraces the notion that there is always something exciting and unexpected waiting to be discovered. This is why if she could explore a fictional place she’d go to Hogwarts. Its moving staircases and living portraits means there are plenty of gems waiting to be discovered, which incidentally is what Nicole loves most about our destinations!

Sabine  Schrama
Meet Sabine

Sabine loves a challenge – from solving problems that come up during the travel season to trying to catch ‘em all on Pokemon Go. For Sabine, a challenge is an opportunity. When she isn’t soaking up London’s cosmopolitan atmosphere, she’s embracing the calm found in England’s countryside. Although as a fan of Borussia Dortmund, Sabine feels most at home when standing with the yellow wall.

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