Ireland is like something out of a fairy tale: castles, cobbled streets, green pastures.

Come for the beauty.


Stay for the Guinness.


Leave with unforgettable memories!


Ireland –

the emerald isle

Ireland is filled with places you’ll want to go back to. Places like Dublin & Belfast.

Each capital city is a hub of Irish culture, packed with pubs playing traditional music, iconic museums and magnificent architecture.

And then there are places like Giant's Causeway, Cliffs of Moher and Ring of Kerry.

Places so beautiful, they’ll be hard to forget.

There really is
nothing quite like the
warmth of the Irish.

It is the people though that make a visit to Ireland so unforgettable. Both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are famous for their warm and friendly atmosphere.

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Practical information

This information can be useful when traveling to this beautiful country


There’s a reason why Ireland is so green! Its climate is mild and moist, characterised by plentiful rainfall, warm summers and cold winters.

Public Transport

Exploring Ireland by public transport is easy! Both Dublin and Belfast have extensive bus and train networks, and the rest of Ireland is easily accessible by train.


Cafes and hotels with wireless Internet can be found throughout Ireland’s major towns and cities.


Since Ireland is made up of two different countries (the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland) the currency accepted depends on your location. Northern Ireland uses Pound Sterling, whilst the Republic of Ireland uses the Euro.


Both Dublin and Belfast are bursting with vibrant shops and buzzing streets! The Irish are famous for their chocolate, leather and pottery – all of which can be found in abundance in Ireland’s historic towns and cities!


Did you Know?

This information can be useful when traveling to ireland

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  • Northern Ireland’s dramatic landscapes played host to the hit television series Game of Thrones. Filming of seasons 1-7 took place in over 25 locations around Northern Ireland.
  • A third of Ireland’s population lives in its capital, Dublin. This may explain its 666 licensed pubs, including the Brazen Head which dates back to 1198 AD!
  • Ireland has approximately 3200km of shoreline, resulting in some truly spectacular landscapes! The Cliffs of Moher, Giant’s Causeway and Mussenden Temple are just some of Ireland’s coastal gems.
  • Forget football and tennis, Ireland’s national sports are Gaelic Football and Hurling! Both have been around for many years, forming a critical chunk of Irish culture.
  • What’s better than a pint in Ireland? A pint of Guinness in Ireland! Almost 1 in 2 pints consumed in Ireland every day is Guinness. Cheers!
  • Ireland’s nickname ‘The Emerald Isle’ originates from its lush landscapes and rolling green hills.
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