• In 1989 GB Gateway Schleuter Touristik was founded in Landshut, Germany, to entice eager travellers to holiday in Great Britain and Ireland.

  • By 1996 the need for a ‘local’ office becomes apparent and a sister company called Hotels & More is established in Harrow, Greater London.

  • In 2006, after 10 years as Managing Director of GB Gateway Schleuter Touristik, Karin Urban becomes the Managing Director of Hotels & More.

  • As 2012 nears, the business grows substantially, increasing personnel to 55 and the team settles into a new, bigger home.

  • In 2017, Karin is succeeded by Paul Maine, the Group CEO of Tour Partner Group. Karin’s close ties with Hotels & More continue as she is appointed as a Non-Executive Director of Tour Partner Group (Hotels & More’s parent company)

  • As of today Hotels & More becomes Tour Partner Group UK. Our London office is a melting pot with 20 different nationalities.

Year: 1989

Year: 1996

Year: 2017

Year: 2020


  • In 1989 Irish Welcome Tours was founded by an association of hoteliers in Ireland who realised they could attract even more groups to the island of Ireland by providing them with a full leisure package.

  • Beginning with 4 employees in the city center of Dublin, the company soon outgrows their office space, moving to a bigger home where they grow from strength to strength.

  • In 2000 a MICE division called IWT incentive is added to the portfolio.

  • In 2003 the business leads the way by developing, an online booking platform for hotels.

  • In 2009, the MICE division, IWT incentive rebrands and becomes Irish Horizons.

  • In 2017 the company is acquired by Tour Partner Group and Paul Maine succeeds John Waldron, the founding Managing Director, as new Group CEO of Tour Partner Group.

  • As of today Irish Welcome Tours becomes Tour Partner Group Ireland. Our Dublin office is a melting pot with over 15 different nationalities.

Year: 1989

Year: 2017

Year: 2020


  • In 1995 Yvonne d’Hermilly had a vision: to create an authentic tour operator for Scandinavia. One that would share a side of the region that not everyone gets to see. To create unique travel experiences with a personal touch.

  • Having started life in Yvonne’s kitchen, the business quickly outgrows its headquarters, moving to a villa in Lyngby. Following this, Pierre d’Hermilly, Yvonne’s husband joins the company.

  • By 2001 the family business consists of 15 employees and the family dog.

  • In 2012 it becomes apparent that the villa is now too small and the company moves to its new location in Charlottenlund.

  • As 2017 draws to a close, Yvonne and Pierre sell the business and Trans Nordic Tours becomes a member of Tour Partner Group, a group of destination management companies and travel experts.

  • In April 2018, Christian Nissen is appointed Managing Director to take Trans Nordic Tours to new heights.

  • In 2020 Trans Nordic Tours became Tour Partner Group, with Paul Maine taking on the role of Group CEO.

  • In 2023, as our business continues its remarkable growth journey, a new chapter unfolds in Copenhagen, where Thais Machado joins the team and takes over the role of Managing Director to lead Tour Partner Group Nordics into its next phase.

Year: 1995

Year: 2017

Year: 2020


As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we are looking for more passionate and dynamic people to join our growing team. At Tour Partner Group we know that our people are our greatest asset, which is why we put them front and center.

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