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  • April 9, 2024

Travel Heroes: Coach Driver Edition

Every industry has its unsung heroes. Those dedicated individuals who consistently go above and beyond. As a DMC we work together with valued partners to make your tours a success. In this blog series we are going to be shining a spotlight on those very people working behind the scenes. In this first edition we’ll be looking at the amazing people who transport your customers from A to B and help make our round tours possible.


Time to meet three of J&K Coaches’ finest: Hugh, Eddie, and Aidan.

Hugh: The Veteran Voyager

Hugh Hegarty | Travel Heroes: Coach Driver EditionHugh’s journey began with a coach test in 1996, leading him to establish his own coach company. With 27 years of experience, Hugh has become a linchpin in the J&K team, known for his positive spirit and unwavering dedication. His love for meeting new people fuels his passion for touring, turning challenges into opportunities and ensuring passengers are in safe hands.


Eddie: Fifty Years of Wanderlust

Eddie Phillips | Travel Heroes: Coach Driver EditionWith an astounding 50 years of driving under his belt, Eddie transitioned from trucks to coaches for the love of variety and connecting with people. His favourite route along the North Antrim Coast reflects his Derry roots and a deep appreciation for history. Eddie’s commitment to passenger experience is evident in his personalised approach, dressing the coach in the national flag of his passengers.


Aidan: A Family Affair

Aidan Quinn |  Travel Heroes: Coach Driver EditionAidan, with 16 years of experience, entered the driving world as a taxi driver for J&K Coaches Ltd before pivoting to the world of coach driving. Driving for J&K is a family affair for Aidan as his brother Jim is the Company Director and first gaged his interest about joining the industry. Aidan’s enthusiasm for meeting new people and exploring unseen corners of the country shines through in his favourite route, the mesmerizing 111-mile-long Ring of Kerry.


Exploring Favourites:

Hugh’s Galway Delight: Hugh finds solace in the bustling streets of Galway, appreciating its mix of people and traditional Irish charm. He also loves the variety of great day trips within easy reach such as a visit to the Aran Islands.


Eddie’s Derry Romance: For Eddie the Causeway Coastal Route just can’t be beat and not only because it ends at his hometown of Derry. The route takes you past the likes of Cushendall, Ballycastle, Giants Causeway and Portstewart. When back in Derry, Eddie finds a renewed fascination in its history and he takes great pleasure in seeing more people discovering its best bits.


Aidan’s Kerry Magic: Aidan’s heart belongs to the Ring of Kerry, where the warm hospitality of the locals captivates him. The Bog Village located on route is a particular favourite that always seems to delight passengers. He enjoys stopping at the Red Fox Inn there, where he always receives a warm welcome.


Challenges and Triumphs:

Navigating the Slea Head Drive and Ring of Kerry or the tight city centres of Dublin, can at times be a challenge. Luckily, neither Hugh, Eddie or Aidan are ones to shy away from an obstacle. Any difficulties they come across, from coach parking to changes in weather or scheduling are met with resilience.

They all agree that the best part about coach driving is in the connections that they forge while on the road and being able to meet such a diverse range of people and getting to hear about their life and background. They also of course love exploring our wonderful destinations and meeting the locals.

Beyond the Wheel:

Away from coach driving, Hugh, Eddie, and Aidan like to keep busy. From Hugh’s triathlons to Eddie’s love for swimming and motorcycling, and Aidan’s passion for all things sports, they make the most of their time off, so they’re recharged and ready for the next adventure.

As three of the more seasoned coach drivers on the team, it is little surprise that Hugh, Eddie and Aidan are so passionate and take such pride in what they do. They show us that it is not just the destination that matters, but the journey as well as they go above and beyond to make sure your customers have the trip of a lifetime.